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Despatch House.  FAO Despatch4U. 78 Lancaster Way Business Park. Ely, Cambridgeshire. CB6 3NW    Company Reg: 7254586

Despatch House.  FAO Despatch4U. 78 Lancaster Way Business Park. Ely, Cambridgeshire. CB6 3NW    Company Reg: 7254586

Despatch House.  FAO Despatch4U. 78 Lancaster Way Business Park. Ely, Cambridgeshire. CB6 3NW    Company Reg: 7254586

Despatch House.  FAO Despatch4U. 78 Lancaster Way Business Park. Ely, Cambridgeshire. CB6 3NW    Company Reg: 7254586

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Storage - Fulfilment - Distribution

Online Order Fulfilment House


We are offering storage facilities for over 1000 pallets and boxes.

Our warehouse has 24/7 security

All your stock will be insured for FREE

Storage cost starts from £5 per pallet per week and is calculated based on the actual stock in warehouse. So you only pay for item you store.



Short term storage

While Despatch4U is order fulfilment business, depending on the circumstances, customers may be able to use short term storage.

Some of our customers purchase goods prior to opening business, taking advantage of various deals available in the market. Storage is available as part of the process.

Whatever your needs, we have the storage service to suit your requirements

We take extra care while packing your value items.


All standard packaging materials such as boxes, personalised or blank tapes, wrapping papers, bubble wraps are provided and usually included in Pick&Pack cost.


Customers are welcome to provoide their own supllies




Our Easypack paper used for packaging is totally environmentally friendly; not a single new tree is cut down to produce any of our paper, and it is easily recycled by the end user. Should the end user fail to recycle the paper and it finds its way to landfill, it’s 100% biodegradable, so it still won’t harm the environment.


100% recycled

100% recyclable

100% biodegradable


PH Neutral

Free of chemicals or oil based products

Sourced from vetted sustainable sources

Use up to 60% less energy and water to produce

than Kraft paper

Compliant with European Packaging Regulations

ISO 14001 accredited

Paper certificate




Our Eco-Flo starch based packaging peanuts are great choise for landfill as it will dissolve in water which eliminates the problem of littering.  

Loose fill is made from gm free starch and is 100% biodegradable. Unlike all other loose fills on the market, Eco Flo is compostable (EN13432) and independently proven to offer better all round protection than polystyrene loose fill.














Green alternative to traditional bubble wrap and foam peanuts! Our unique Recycled Corrugated Bubble is comprised of 100% recycled cardboard made entirely from post-consumer and post-industrial waste. Corrugated Bubble made to your exact specifications. Even more, Corrugated Bubble is completely recyclable & naturally biodegradable.



All your deliveries and returns will be handled with care and damage will be checked whenever possible. You will be notified of all returns/deliveries and stock will be amended accordingly.


Weekly /monthly despatch statements can be provided on request.


Our dedicated customer service is here to help via email, chat or phone.


For an extra charge we can provide telephone answering, diary management, holiday & event cover, order processing and business continuity services.


Despatch4U customer service can take and process orders for you, including securely processing credit and debit card payments.


We are offering various delivery options to suit your fulfilment needs.


Collection service


Next day tracked delivery with 15 min notification window  

1-5 working days tracked delivery

Next Day before 12 delivery

Saturday/Sunday Delivery

Same Day Delivery

Pallet delivery

and more...



Customer Care and returns


We offer a pay-as-you-go order fulfilment solution for online retailers. We never charge set up fees and nor do we require minimum contract periods or minimum volume requirements.


Our simple pricing structure is easy to understand and is unambiguous. We have a range of optional services where clients can choose to enhance their core pick and pack service.


                                                               Please get in touch with your requirement


Order Processing

Order Entry

    Despatch4U takes verbal, written and electronic orders from customers and enter the information into an order

processing system.

Orders can also be taken directly from your website manually or via integration.

During the entry process Despatch4U takes extra care to make sure there wont be any error or malfunction.


Order Processing

* Verify that the products are, in fact, in stock and shippable.

* Package and ship the order.

* Record the shipment information.



    Orders for tangible products and goods transmit to an order fulfillment center (warehouse) and are "picked and packed." When an order is picked, an employee locates the requested items within a warehouse, removes them from storage and then adds them to the customer order. When an order is picked an employee takes the picked items and packages them in a shipping box or container. Despatch 4U takes extra care in packing products, as inproper packaging can lead to product damage.

Our customers are welcome to provide their own named boxes and tapes.



  Orders are being dispatched same working day if received by 2pm.

We ship to customer locations via ground or air delivery.

Despatch 4U offering multiple delivery options to UK, Europe and worldwide.



  With most of our delivery couriers, every customer can receive a text message and an email stating the time of delivery.


We are providing Tracking codes at the end of day/week.

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